The Time to Get Organized Team

One-on-one or the team approach?

No job is too large. Time to Get Organized has a team of organizers who work together to bring the skills and expertise needed on each job. During the initial phone consultation, we will assess who the best fit would be for your personal organizer or organizing team.

Amara Willey - Certified Professional Organizer®

Time to Get Organized founder and managing partner, Amara Willey has been helping people put their lives in order for more than a decade. She believes that everyone can discover his or her own personal organizational style, and her hands-on approach is supportive and non-judgmental. She is a member of the National Association of Professional Organizers and has achieved their prestigious Golden Circle status.

Amara enjoys transforming both homes and offices into neat, organized realms of usable, clutter-free space, bringing peace and harmony to people who have felt overwhelmed by the amount of paper and belongings in their lives.

She leads seminars and workshops that detail her positive, upbeat views about how she can change houses and workspaces to bring serenity and order to the busy lives of her clients.

Amara rolls up her sleeves and organizes homes and offices, finding the perfect places for her clients’ papers, files and other belongings. She goes through shelves, bureaus and cabinets to turn rooms and storage areas into peaceful and beautifully arranged sanctuaries and then works out easy maintenance procedures to help you keep it that way.

Photo by Paula

 Mary Bellofatto, Team Organizer 

As a faux painter, Mary found that her artistic abilities often combined with her organizational skills. She has helped many clients bring order to chaos. Currently, she serves on the board of the National Association of Professional Organizers, Northern New Jersey chapter, as Director of Communications and Technology. Mary is also a licensed real estate agent as well as independent insurance agent licensed in NJ & NY for American Sentinel Financial Group and AFLAC.

  • Loves meeting people and helping them overcome their organizing obstacles
  • Thrives on interaction with others and the diversity that the organizing profession offers
  • Conquers organizing challenges whether it's "stuff," paper, or time


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