Recent and Upcoming Events

A number of workshops are available for those wishing to further their organizing education. Please register at the links below. If you are interested in sponsoring a workshop at your business or organization, please contact

Clear your space, clear your head:

the magic of organizing to change your life

Finding Your Organizing Style – Sunday, July 31 ·  4:30-6:30

Did you know that every person organizes differently? Visual, auditory and kinesthetic learners use different techniques and tools to organize their stuff. Find out more about your learning style and how you can navigate the world better with tips and tricks specifically designed for you.

Clear Your Desk, Clear Your Mind – Sunday, August 7 ·  4:30-6:30

When the time comes that you can no longer see the top of the desk, because of all the clutter covering it, it is time to organize and clean your desk. If you can't find slips of paper on which you wrote important phone numbers, and you know you received information you sent for, but it's buried in a pile of paper, this class is for you. A neat desk is always easy to work on, and find things easily. Learn how to get to the bottom of the piles on your desk and adopt the habits that will keep your desk clear now and in the future.

Organizing for the Creative Brain – Sunday, August 14 ·  4:30-6:30

Have you ever wondered why you struggle with being organized? Does your stuff seem to take on a life of its own? This fun-shop shares right-brain styles for conquering clutter, mastering time, and reaching your goals. Unlock your Creative Force power to organize your desk, your time and your life, all in a manner consistent with the way creative people think.

Cost: $30 per class or $80 for the series of 3 classes. To register, email