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A number of workshops are available for those wishing to further their organizing education. Please register at the links below. If you are interested in sponsoring a workshop at your business or organization, please contact


Time  MAGICment:

the magic of organizing your time to change your life

Have you ever noticed that sometimes time flies and sometimes it drags. Using the history of time-telling, Certified Professional Organizer® Amara Willey talks about how to get the better of time before it gets the better of you.

The class will cover time management and spiritual principles to help you better manage your time and feel less stressed. Wave your magic wand and get your time under control!

Upcoming Classes:

Monday, June 26, 7-9 p.m. Eco Village, Ithaca, NY REGISTER

Thursday, July 13, 7-9 p.m. Be Fit Anywhere, 2 Clerico Ln #212, Hillsborough Township, NJ REGISTER

Cost: $30

For more information: email