Cramped and Crowded?

"The cheapest way to add square footage to your house is to get rid of clutter and organize your space."

           -- Bryce Cooper, Design on a Dime, HGTV


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  • Understand the best purpose for each room and organize around that.
  • Change lighting, paint and layout to create a sense of openness and transparency.
  • Rearrange existing furnishings and decor to open up space.


Too Much Stuff?

  • Figure out the best way to store and protect your valuable possessions.
  • Use closets and cabinets more effectively.
  • Decide what to get rid of and what to keep.
  • Build custom storage or use ready-made.


Need a Custom Closet?

  • Custom-designed through Ridgewood Closets of New Jersey (
  • Adjustable shelves and poles.
  • Built in Ridgewood's own showroom/wharehouse, so any space can be accommodated.
  • Long, medium and double-hang areas combine to maximize storage space.
  • Laminate, acrylic, or glass doors for added protection.


23 Days to Better Organization

Did you know that it takes 23 times of doing something differently to change a habit? I’m not sure how this number came into being, but let’s go with it! Pick one organizing habit you’d like to change and do it differently every day from now until you get my next newsletter. (Click here to subscribe.) Voilá! You’ve developed a new habit and are that much more along the path to being the organized person you want to be. Good for you!



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